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LFK J914 Sesame's Silver Spur
A NZ parentage-verified embryo transfer buck sired by Heslington Sesame out of GHK B87, a daughter of Iron Horse. His birth weight was 12 lbs. and his 90-day AWW was 67 lbs.
LFK K017 Blue Devil is a NZ embyo-transfer son of Blue's Son out of E37 (litter mate to the 2015 OK Buck Performance Test winners) born on Jan. 20, 2020. Birth weight was 7 lb. and the 90-day AWW was 64 lb.
A NZ out of a daughter of Sundance Kid, born on 2/17/2020. His birth weight was 9 lb., his AWW was 67 lb. and his WW index was 103.
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